Our Mission

ImmaCare Inc. strives to eliminate homelessness in the Hartford region, while building a more vibrant community, by creating safe and affordable housing options and increasing the skills, income and hope of those who struggle with housing crisis.

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Building a Community

ImmaCare Inc. will continue to work in partnerships with the community to prevent and eliminate homelessness.

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Guiding Principles

Building on ImmaCare’s history of service to Hartford’s homeless, we have articulated four principles that are core to our philosophy and that will continue to guide our work.

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Emergency Shelter Staying on Park Street!

In an amazing turn of events, ImmaCare intends to stay at the Immaculate Conception Church property at 560 Park Street and not complete our announced move to Windsor Street. The agreement from last decade that was forcing our move was modified to meet the needs of today. As a result, ImmaCare can now plan to stay and renovate the church property. We are very happy, as it is our founding home and a historic structure in the Gothic Revival style with much potential. In addition, remaining in close proximity to Casa de Francisco, our project-based permanent supportive housing apartment building which also houses our administrative and program staff, allows for easier management of our programs.

As we make plans to renovate the historic former church, a committee will be formed to guide the process as we move toward the future with high hopes for a state-of-art facility which will improve the experience of the people we serve. For more information, please contact Teresa A. Wierbicki, Director of Development: (860)724-4823 x 103.