Governor Malloy Hails Collaborative Efforts Toward Ending Homelessness

Posted Thursday January 12, 2017 by Teresa A. Wierbicki

Lou Gilbert, ImmaCare’s Executive Director, represented ImmaCare this morning in Meriden as Gov. Malloy announced that CT is leading the nation in matching EVERY CHRONICALLY HOMELESS INDIVIDUAL WITH HOUSING. Many state agencies were in attendance, and it was covered by media from many television and radio stations. The press release recognizes and celebrates the collaborative work which so many of our staff have been doing day in and day out for several years now. In Connecticut, it truly is a new way of working with people in housing crisis. Though change is hard and the everyday challenges can be depressing, we here at ImmaCare and our colleagues from all our partners are an intrinsic part of this change. Today was a celebration and acknowledgment of all of our hard work! Thank you to our staff, partner agencies, donors, funders and volunteers who help make it all possible!…/Gov-Malloy-Announces-State-is-Able-t…

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